My activity book

Here you have a small story you can read in Spanish to practice the vocabulary of the activities and laugh a bit too.

Book titled 'El libro de actividadesThe Activity Book'

Review Vocabulary here: Activities in Spanish



Mi casa – Mi dormitorio

Watch this video until minute 1.40.

You will review housing vocabulary and bedroom vocabulary in Spanish. Can you understand most of what is said? (You don’t need to understand everything).


Bedroom vocabulary: dormitorio, habitación (same as dormitorio), armario, cama, estantería (estante), mesa, silla, ordenador.

How to say my brother’s or my sister’s room expressions

My brother’s room – el dormitorio de mi hermano

My sister’s room – el dormitorio de mi hermana

So literally transleted to English, it would be: the room of my brother or the room of my sister.

How to describe the content of your bedroom using there is/there are in Spanish

En mi dormitorio hay un armario.

En mi dormitorio hay una cama.